[0.9.18] Hangar “European town” for WOT

Bright, colorful, celebratory Hangar “European town” for WOT 0.9.18 Hangar “European town” is a festive hangar, which was created to celebrate the anniversary on the European server. In the archive you will find two versions of  mod:– Hangar at night– Hangar in DayIn the centre will be your  tank  but in the background will banners with numbers  4 years and 5 years, festive balloons, flags of different countries, a typical European houses, cars on the road ….. Well general atmosphere of quiet European town which is preparing for the holiday.54shot_253shot_25450
How To Install:
Copy the contents of the archive in the WOT / res_mods /0.9.18/.
Download: Hangar European town (17 MB)

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